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December 12, 2017, 05:26:33 AM

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 on: December 11, 2017, 10:27:11 PM 
Started by Jesse McB - Last post by Jesse McB
I bought a bunch of electronic  guages and safty shutoff equipment for the little diesel! All on ebay! I already designed a electronic diagram for the comtrol box. Its made in a way if the engine overheats it will shutdown the fuel supply with a fuel shutoff solenoid i purchased aswell!  If the power cuts off for any reason the engine will shut down with the fuel solenoid. I bought 2 temp meters that will shut down the engine incase it overheats, if one frys or disconnects the other temp meter will keep going. Also i got an hour metre, rpm guage and volt amp gauge. Just right now im doing final painting touchups on the engine, and just waiting for over a dozen of them little china packages to come in after the holidays and i can complete this little money sucker!  Grin Angry

I cant wait till spring ill use it for a few things, im lookimg forward to making a little gokart with it! Ive used small 2.5 hp has engines but this will be like a 5hp gas engine buring off melted lard and baon fat!

 on: December 05, 2017, 11:53:27 PM 
Started by LowGear - Last post by LowGear
And that's just a fraction of the obsession.

 on: December 04, 2017, 10:04:42 PM 
Started by LowGear - Last post by glort
Look on any alternative energy forums and those who factor in personal energy freedom distinctly as a primary: always DOer out perform those who talk, talk, talk,  forever-do-little's for any and all other reasons.
Why I say hurrah for you, Glort!! keep up the getting it on, man.
tree-farmer SteveU

Thanks Steve.
I would like to think I am like you in being someone who calls it as it is.
I'm not biased ( other than with the sentiment and mentality) as anti green, anti renewable or anti fossil fuel.  I just like the best solution for the given problem or need and don't think there are any one size fits all answer.
To me we should use the best of what we have, not be in a gut busting hurry to change to something that is less reliable, more costly and offers no immediate benefits to what we are already doing.

 I have been testing a solar setup on the back lawn for months and putting a huge dent in my power bills with it.  Got the first array up on the shed roof yesterday evening in the fading light.  Wired it up this morning and will work on getting the next lot up there this evening.  Of course it's a cloudy, overcast day today so I can't lean on it but it's working as it should so far. I have put up a 5kw inverter over the 2x2 Kw's I was using so hope for a bit better efficiency there.

I think solar should be on every roof but I don't believe it ( or wind) is a replacement for fossil grid power. As a REDUCER of grid power, be that coal/ nuke/ gas, whatever non green generation, it works real well but it's NOT something a grid should be based on. NO renewable is atm because they simply do not have the stability of the traditional generators.  Here the  gubbermints have been hell bent on literally blowing up coal fired stations till they got a huge wake up call with a state going out completely, TWICE, and then dire warning from their own experts there was a massive shortage of power that could collapse power to the majority of the population.  The great solution was to replace the coal generation with diesel. It's effing insane the stupidity of these greenwashed whingers that want everything green today rather than be happy to offset where it can be done and save where possible till a proper solution is developed.

We have the big BS Tesla battery gone online a few days ago.
"Built in 100 Days"  Yeah, my arse! They were working on it 80 days before they started the clock and then had the green washed audacity to claim it was completed ahead of schedule.
Yeah, I'm going to set a new lap record at nurburgring on a motor scooter, you just can't start the clock till I'm coming onto the home straight but it will be a great victory for motor scooters power and performance!  Roll Eyes
Much is made of the fact the battery will power 30,000 homes in that state.  For an hour.  What about the other 600,000 homes in that state? what are they going to do? And the businesses, and industry. And public facilities like hospitals and schools and...... But don't listen to me, I'm just an old dinosaur that thinks in this modern day and age we should be able to have the lights on when we want them on and I don't tow the greenwashed line.  Could have built a new Tech clean coal power station for that which would power a lot more homes 24/7 in virtual perpetuity for similar money and got a lot better value from it.

I want to supplement my Solar power ( still grid connected) with my diesel engines.  They will burn Veg oil not because I want to save the planet, but because it's free fuel I can get and use with a bit of effort put in to condition it. If I come across waste engine oil, I'll burn that too.  The emissions argument on that is now gone with the gubbermint having to burn Diesel for power generation after taking out all the coal fired plants. It's always going to be a lot better for me to produce my own power locally than to have it produced 300-3000 Km away and transmitted. I have got a whole bunch of engines, the gen heads have not been easy to come across though so I plan to import a couple ( at least) from China next year and set them up. I'd like to be self sufficient  if need be in a blackout and I don't want batteries at this point with the solar ( although I might get a couple of cheap deep cycles and run with my 2KW inverters for daytime/ solar fed use in the meantime) so a veg fed generator is the best and cheapest option for me.

But that's where it all goes pear shaped.
Big biz and gubbermints are only green as far as there is a buck ( and a vote) in it. If everyone put panels on their home and factory roof, they would be greatly reducing the amount of power coming from the far off power plants and they would loose revenue. That's why in reality it's lip service to practical solutions and a lot of razzmatazz to the profitable ones.... no matter how green and reliable they are NOT.

Green is all trendy and well but these people need to stop treating it like a cult religion everyone has to follow and start looking at it from a practical and real  POV.
If you can build a solar farm and it will run your bit of the grid 5 days a week and you can have the coal plant idling from 9am to 4PM before you ramp it up and save XXXX tons of coal a week, great! Be happy with that and the benefits of both worlds it offers. Just don't become obsessed that it HAS to be all green and bust a gut to get rid of everything that's not and find that the ideals can't meet the real and practical demand...... as they keep doing here.
Use green tech where you can, mix it with the old reliable and be happy with the savings in your chosen poison you make and the reduction thereof.

I'm going to make my own Power how and when I can.  When I can't, I'll fall back to the grid and wherever the power comes from. The aim is to keep the juice flowing as reliable and cheaply as possible, not to become obsessed with some religion and belief that ultimately is completely pointless.
For those that will arc up at that statement, Show me one green initiative and tell me as a percent of the worlds total, what improvement that made in emissions/ air quality/ water cleanliness or anything else in the world.  
Don't give me the  " xxx tons of co2" which is as meaningless as 30,000 homes out of 630,000, I want to know how many percent of the air etc quality of the world was improved.  Saying " This saves 10,000 ton of co2 sounds impressive till you realise the boffins say there is 40 Billion ton a year released into the atmosphere.  The amount that is human made and that which is naturally occurring is up for debate as well.

Our own resident Chief green biased scientist  has admitted, If Australia had  ZERO carbon emissions, it would make not one bit of difference to the world air quality.
So someone tell me why we are blowing up coal power stations and spending $50 mill on a BS battery to power 1/12th of one minor states homes ( forget business and everything else) for an hour??
And that's just a fraction of the obsession.

 I am not interested in saving a watt of power, a drop of water or a gram of co2.  I'll run My AC when I want, keep my incandescent lights where I want and generate the power with my panels and engines to offset 90+ plus of the cost of it.
I'll drive my 3 Ton 4wd everywhere I want on Veg oil and I'll water the garden to grow my veggies and keep the grass green from my rain water tanks.
I'll bet I outdo the majority of the save the world types with what I do every day not because I believe in their cult, but because it saves me money and lets me have some self sufficiency and independence and I don't need to go without or economise on a thing.

I have asked the " What percentage will the worlds air quality improve by doin XZY?" question at least 50 times over the years on forums and not one person has been able to give me a figure yet which proves to me busting a gut to be green while compromising our power supply and costing families quality and enjoyment of their lives is all a big con by gubbermints and big biz making billions from it and keeping our attention diverted from the real problems in the world.

/ rant, still got 18 more panels to haul up on the shed roof and connect!  Cost of running the AC in the heat to keep the house comfy and all those Christmas lights has to be offset somehow!  :0)

 on: December 04, 2017, 11:38:33 AM 
Started by LowGear - Last post by SteveU.
Now for contrast and comparison search up and view/read the different articles on the "Scottish island of Eigg". Claiming to be the first all alternative electrical powered island in the world.
Contrast the differences in the approaches.
On Eigg they had virtually no electrical power that the "Laird" did not divvy out supply.
Boot him out. Buy their own land ownership freedom. Make their own minimal needs power. Cooperatively.
The HI couple so all out on-your-own scared, and top-down grid seduced, allowed themselves to be green-spun to going back to grid-slaving. Personal power freedom was never in their efforts equation.
Watch the long PBS or BBC vidio version on the Eigg islander and see that most were not born there but chose to live there for the out-of-the-maddening-crowds lifestyle. Certainly Not for the weather and pizza choices.

Look on any alternative energy forums and those who factor in personal energy freedom distinctly as a primary: always DOer out perform those who talk, talk, talk,  forever-do-little's for any and all other reasons.
Why I say hurrah for you, Glort!! keep up the getting it on, man.
tree-farmer SteveU

 on: November 29, 2017, 06:11:29 AM 
Started by LowGear - Last post by LowGear
Nice article SteveU.  I thought it interesting that when talking about the cost advantages of utility solar they didn't spend much time on distribution. 

Interesting chart.  It's the constant increase coupled with the subtle change that caught my attention.  It's only two years out of date but I think I've heard that coal has stopped growing.  The United Kingdom is starting to have coal free days and China is stopping work on unfinished plants.  I learned to hate coal whilst pulling clinkers out of a furnace in Boise, Idaho one Winter.  Nasty stuff.  Change is not all bad. 

 on: November 28, 2017, 08:24:31 AM 
Started by LowGear - Last post by veggie
Here's the trillion dollar problem....

The infrastructure of the entire planet is built around liquid gold (oil).
Transport, food, electricity...everything moves around in a 100 year old super infrastructure that cannot be changed in a few decades.
And any changes to that structure require vast amounts of ENERGY from the existing sources which are in decline.
Along with that comes the governmental policy changes required to override the current mega corporation bureaucracy.
Renewables and alternatives play such a small part that they don't have any momentum yet despite all the news articles and tv documentaries.
The time to change may have already passed.

The tiny GREY sliver along the top of this data is the SOLAR contribution to the mix.
<click picture to enlarge>


 on: November 28, 2017, 08:11:43 AM 
Started by veggie - Last post by veggie
Hi All,

I have a fuel rack solenoid that I wish to mount on the Listeroid as a shutdown device.
This was an "ebay special" and came with no manual or wiring directions.
The [PLUS] and [MINUS] terminals are obvious but it also has an [aux.] connection.

Can anyone tell me what this [aux.] terminal is for and whether I need to connect to it?


 on: November 24, 2017, 06:22:56 PM 
Started by LowGear - Last post by vdubnut62
Aw hell Casey, Glort isn't against renewables he just has more insight than the "greenwashed throng". Common sense and a really good bullshit detector are a rare commodity these days.
Ron in TN.

 on: November 24, 2017, 11:02:32 AM 
Started by LowGear - Last post by LowGear
glort lives!

 on: November 20, 2017, 09:45:35 PM 
Started by Jesse McB - Last post by Jesse McB
Now thats another good idea! I will try that aswell i got ball bearings that should be of size and can locate some carbon steel, im gonna try a few methodes, only thing about getting parts from china is you can think its carbon steel but it may not!?
So im going to make the parts my self, be alot better id say!
I dont have a lathe but i wish i had one! it would be so much fun to have, ill be making many parts and stuff with it lol. im going to try to find a small one thats can work with metal, be nice to have around wit what tools i have lol! Most of my tools are for wood, not many are for metal work, i dont even have a welder!  Grin

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